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Welcome to Cuisine en Locale Catering

Locally-Sourced Catering since 2005

For over 10 years, Cuisine en Locale has been?feeding our local community.

Our?mission is to?support the growth of farms and farmers, while?increasing the value of food in the area where we live and eat.

Cuisine en Locale's unrelenting commitment to connect our friends, families and customers with seasonal, nutritious and delicious food from local farms is unparalleled.

Planning a party and want to do something extraordinary?

Our team of creative chefs works with you to craft a unique plan using locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients


Catering in your home, office, backyard, roof or other venue with menu and service options that fit your budget and your style. We’ll craft a menu based on what’s available from our farmers, farm-fresh, seasonal and deliciously memorable. Get out of your kitchen and enjoy your party!

Personal Chef Service

Too busy to cook or need something extraordinary? Our team will work with you to craft a unique plan. Everything we do is made from scratch and can be prepared in your home, ready to heat and eat. Eating delicious and nutritious dinners all week long has never been easier!

It was, without the slightest competition, the best food I’ve ever had at a wedding!

“I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the food at T and D’s wedding. It was, without the slightest competition, the best food I’ve ever had at a wedding, and something I would have be thrilled to be served in a proper restaurant. I even had three servings of kale salad! The staff was also outstanding — friendly, professional, adept, fun. There was one woman in particular who was just amazing to my table. She got the to-go containers we asked for, wrapped up some extra popcorn, and was just generally a joy to get to know. Fantastic event, and I look forward to eating more of your group’s food in the future. Also, now I know who to tell people are the best caterers I’ve eaten with in Somerville. Thanks again, and all the best!”

Josef K Boston

“It was all so amazing Saturday night. I don't even know where to begin. The food was amazing and I sure needed the leftovers for all my houseguests this weekend. your staff was awesome and helpful . I don't know what else to say except huge thanks for all!!!”

Marian, Dave & Sam Somerville

So Much Love From Our Customers

They offer in-home cooking as a healthy alternative to standard take-out. If you’re local, go look. They are AWESOME.

"I ran into a friend of mine JJ…. she’s a CHEF and started her dream catering company: an amazing local-organo-farm-to-table outfit called “Cuisine en Locale.” They even offer in-home cooking as a healthy alternative to standard take-out. If you’re local, go look. They are AWESOME."

Amanda Palmer Goddess of Rock

The aroma of a home cooked meal filled the air as we warmed our plates.

"Good morning Cuisine en Locale! The food was absolutely WONDERFUL. I had been looking forward to your meals for several days...anticipation continued to build until the time I could plate my meal. I was nervous inviting a friend with dietary needs to join me. She was put at ease by the clear menu descriptions and was able to easily steer toward menu items that would not agitate her wheat and dairy sensitivities. The aroma of a home cooked meal filled the air as we warmed our plates. Within 15 minutes of arriving home, dinner was served. We had tender pork bellies with apples, rosemary and grains, honey carrots and savory scotch broth with biscuits. The all natural, locally grown or raised stock with expert preparation warmed me through and through. Oh, it was divine. I can not wait for this next week’s meals!"

Natale C. Cambridge

You guys are, as ever, a lifesaver for me in these situations!

"Why I love CeL: At dinner last night before I fell asleep—after flying back from the Middle East to the West Coast, then back to Boston yesterday. When it’s 6 AM and you wake up jet-lagged and starving, there is no substitute for fantastic local meals that you can just heat up. You guys are, as ever, a lifesaver for me in these situations!"

P Cambridge
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